dimanche 5 octobre 2014

All About Chess

Chess is a kind board game that is carried out by two people, of Mind Sports. It is a game to use the piece of 16 six each gambit, iron, hunt down the enemy king. From, such as the cultural background, among chess players, it is that there is but "sports" but "art" or "science" and at the same time the game is chess, the ability to comprehensive sense of these in order to win the game it is said to be a necessary


It is one of the world's three major lined Xiangqi, and Go, not only the Western bloc, and are entertained in more than 150 countries around the world. It has a very old history, but it is thriving today, including the Internet, such as opposite station. Even in games in general, including card games and, it has been played most in line with the bridge.

It is said that there are several theories on the origin of chess, but the war game of ancient India, Chatoranga is the origin in general. Those of Shogi is a game of the same Chatoranga lineage many competitions population far than chess in Japan, also be translated chess and Western chess from that basic rules are similar in both there. From differences in rules performance of the piece and the size of the board, on the treatment of the piece that was taken, both similar, [is that it is one that has made the transition different propagated from east to west in the different routes Chatoranga is chess and chess on the other hand it is described as also is the game becomes non. Chess as a competition, is also the epitome of the sport by the brain. In addition to the aspects of the game as I have such a ARISF member IOC approval sport, also aspects of the sport.

Rules of chess (outline) 

The two players, the game is performed on a chess board.
White first move, black is iron.
Both players will move once the frame of their own that is on the board alternately. It is not possible to pass.
It is possible that if there is a piece of the enemy in the movable range of the piece of ally, take it.
Piece took a piece of the enemy, to move to the mass of the piece was taken. Piece taken except taken from the surface plate.
Chess piece can not be moved, skipping the other piece. However, Knight, King Luke of castling time is an exception.
King, can not be moved to the location where pieces of the enemy is clever.
The opponent's king, is called a "check" the hand that tries to let listen to pieces of their own.
I referred to as a "Checkmate", that of the checks that were cornered King to prevent escape absolutely. Both players will aim to checkmate the opponent's king.

How to Play

The battle who chess, be considered in terms of two and "strategy" and "strategy" in many cases. "Strategy" and (Strategy), to be evaluated correctly aspects, is to fight plans to stand in a long-term perspective. "Tactics" and (Tactics), shows the strategy of several hand about a shorter term, and is also called as "tactical move". Strategy and tactics is not what is considered to be completely separate. Be achieved by tactics, that chance tactical obtained as a fruit of the strategy until it is in many cases the strategic goals of many.